Who We Are

Meet Our Experts

  • Joseph Tombs <br><span>
    Joseph Tombs
    President JD, MBA, MSFS, RSP, CFP®
  • Patrick Tombs <br><span>
    Patrick Tombs
    Vice President JD, RSP, CTFA, CFP®
  • Dustin Cordell <br><span>
    Dustin Cordell
    Board Member RSP, CTFA
  • David Peterson <br><span>
    David Peterson
    Chief Compliance & Trust Officer JD, LLM, MS, CFIRS®
  • Nick Nankivel <br><span>
    Nick Nankivel
    Senior Trust Officer BA

About the Company

Amicus Trust is owned by PlanFirst, Inc. (“PlanFirst”). PlanFirst also owns Amicus Financial Advisors, LLC and Amicus Settlement Planners, LLC.  This corporate family was built to meet a wide range of financial needs. Amicus Trust offers a comprehensive fiduciary solution to individuals in need of financial oversight.

Amicus Trust is committed to administering trust accounts in a manner consistent with the utmost fiduciary practices and compliant with South Dakota law.

Why South Dakota?

  • No state income tax
  • Relatively low administrative fees
  • Strong enforcement of spendthrift provisions
  • Modern delegated trust statute
  • No “rule against perpetuities” (perpetual “dynasty” trusts are allowed)
  • Enhanced privacy protection
  • Protection of trust assets from many claims of creditors
  • Low tax rates on life insurance premiums and trust balances
  • Supportive legislature constantly enhancing trust laws
  • Experienced and highly competent bank examiners
  • Favorable business environment
  • Strong professional infrastructure for trust companies