Who We Are

Meet Our Experts

  • Nick Nankivel <br><span>
    Nick Nankivel
    President & Senior Trust Officer
  • Joseph Tombs <br><span>
    Joseph Tombs
    Board Member JD, MBA, MSFS, RSP, CFP®
  • Patrick Tombs <br><span>
    Patrick Tombs
    Vice President JD, RSP, CTFA, CFP®
  • Dustin Cordell <br><span>
    Dustin Cordell
    Board Member RSP, CTFA
  • David Peterson <br><span>
    David Peterson
    Compliance/BSA Officer, Treasurer, Secretary JD, LLM, MS, CFIRS®

About the Company

Amicus Trust is owned by PlanFirst, Inc. (“PlanFirst”). PlanFirst also owns Amicus Financial Advisors, LLC and Amicus Settlement Planners, LLC.  This corporate family was built to meet a wide range of financial needs. Amicus Trust offers a comprehensive fiduciary solution to individuals in need of financial oversight.

Amicus Trust is committed to administering trust accounts in a manner consistent with the utmost fiduciary practices and compliant with South Dakota law.

Why South Dakota?

  • No state income tax
  • Relatively low administrative fees
  • Strong enforcement of spendthrift provisions
  • Modern delegated trust statute
  • No “rule against perpetuities” (perpetual “dynasty” trusts are allowed)
  • Enhanced privacy protection
  • Protection of trust assets from many claims of creditors
  • Low tax rates on life insurance premiums and trust balances
  • Supportive legislature constantly enhancing trust laws
  • Experienced and highly competent bank examiners
  • Favorable business environment
  • Strong professional infrastructure for trust companies